Design & Entrepreneurship Workshops

Our workshops empower students from all different backgrounds and personal interests to express themselves creatively, through artistic expression and discussion. We believe that clothing is one of the best ways for an individual to express themselves but also feel a sense of community.

  • Collaborative

    A collaborative approach is at the heart of all our sessions, as we encourage students to share and discuss their ideas in order to find similar themes and trends which are translated onto the final designs.

  • Creative

    The workshop allows students to have hands on experience of creating their very own custom designed clothing whilst learning about the process of running a clothing brand.

  • Educational

    We endeavour to ensure all students leave the workshop feeling inspired with their minds even more open to the opportunities that exist in their vocational world today.

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Cardinal Wiseman School Coventry Design & Entrepreneurship Workshop


We partnered with Guardian Ballers, a Basketball and Wellbeing programme, to deliver a workshop for Year 8 students at Cardinal Wiseman School (Coventry). The students are part of the Guardian Ballers programme and had the opportunity to design their own custom hoodies whilst learn the basics of running an ecommerce brand.


We had the privilege of delivering four workshops during Cardinal Wiseman School's annual Summer Camp. They asked us to work with the new year 7 students to design the official basketball kits for their school teams. This was a real honour, not only for us, but for the new students who got to be involved in a true legacy project.

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